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VirtuPro Elite

The difference from VirtuPro and all other indoor group training bikes is the Automatic Magnetic Resistance. This technology is called AMR and VirtuPro is the first indoor bike with this technology. AMR is unique due to the high number of micro steps of 6300. The high number of steps is distributed on 45mm motion.

VirtuPro Elite is designed for the private user and is a good solution for the whole family as it is multi adjustable and the noise level is zero. VirtuPro Elite gives a perfect bicycle experience as the realistic feeling on the bike is unique. This is confirmed by world champions Michael Rogers and Amber Neben.

Take a trip to Spain, Denmark, Italy, Mallorca etc. Take part in competitions and learn a lot about cycling and tactics by trying our challenges. You can also replay hundreds of already run races and try to beat the participants or ride online with your friends.

Online Multiplayer is also an option and in 2018 VirtuPro will connects to platforms like Zwift, Road Grand Tour and many more.

We have our own program creator online and you can therefore create your training programs on our server and then run them on the VirtuPro bike. Or you can purchase access to professional programs in our Online Shop.

Elite comes with the Software box: Basic but can be upgraded to free access to Premium and VIP for 8.50 euros. per. month.

Elite is fitted with aluminium handlebar wheel and a medium saddle.

We can supply the bike with different length of pedal arms, 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm. Standard length is 172.5mm. The bike can also be delivered in the desired colors.

We offer financing and leasing. Contact us for a non-binding offer.

  • VirtuPro Elite Black

  • VirtuPro Elite Black

  • VirtuPro Elite Blue

  • VirtuPro Elite Red

  • VirtuPro Elite Girl Color